Hi, I’m Felix


I’m a software developer / geek from Germany and you have found my private homepage.

You can contact me via mail: felix ( a t ) planbnet ( d o t ) org

I like writing Mac software and have a quite successful little side project on the Mac App Store: PDFScanner scans documents and performs OCR to make them searchable. It has a responsive, clean UI and eliminates the need for the crappy software that comes with your scanner. I’ve gone completely paperless for my private mail and documents using a combination of PDFScanner and Dropbox (and you should, too). I’m still searching for a great idea for an iOS app.

On my day job, I’m a Java Web Developer (mostly JSF) but I try to spice it up with a bit of client side UX goodness here and there. I guess you can call me a full stack web developer: I know how to compile a Linux kernel, speak SQL fluently and I can create state of the art HTML markup.

I have some projects on github. Check them out or fork them if you like.

I collect links to interesting projects and articles in my bookmarks.

I started blogging a few times on different platforms and abandoned them soon afterwards. I have not completely given up, so here’s a link to my current iteration.

I don’t use twitter anymore.

If you want to send me something securely, you'll find my key information on

You can also send me some digital coins if you like, via my Bitcoin address available at Coinbase

There are some photos I took on my flickr page. I hope I’ll soon find the time to shoot some more photos that are worth posting there.

You can friend me on Facebook (if you know me IRL), but please don’t invite me to play silly games.

I used to go under the nickname sharc, which is an acronym for something I probably knew when I was 16 but have forgotten over the time. I recently abandoned it because I figured people were thinking I did not know how to spell shark. Nowadays, I’m mostly planb or just felix.

I have a 6 year old son and he’s the coolest kid on earth.